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The Kansa wand is an ancient massage tool.The Kansa Wand works wonders for giving your skin a more youthful appearance, and also focuses on stress-relief and total skin and mind-body rejuvenation! The Kansa wand can be used in the facial room or on yourself! The results you will see are tightening of the face and a revitalized experience along with a beautiful glow. Great for mature skin. 

 it is all natural, and just focuses on healing the mind and body with the healing metal of bronze.


“The Kansa were born in the
Bronze Age in India, where
they could get temperatures
high enough to forge copper
and aluminum, ”explains
Ranavat. She explains that
Kansa(the metal used in Kansa
chopsticks) is called “bell
metal” because the bells –
and TibetanGongs: they are
made of the
same material. “What is
magical about this metal
is its Ability to balance
pH, ”he says. People used
to eat their meals in a kansa.
Dish to aid digestion and
reduce the acidity of food.

They drank the water from
kansa glasses because it
was almost like filtering
water.System: This would
remove the acidity from
the water. Finally, they
found it amazing
Health benefits of
also applying the metal
directly to the skin. “

This is where the Kansa wand is used
Massage the marma or
“Energy points” in your body.
First apply a few drops
Your favorite serum
(Radiant Rani Saffron Illuminated
The serum goes well with the wand.
Copper is a healing metal that
improve the function of a
Serum or oil rich in antioxidants
while gently massaging.

You can massage in any way
Feeling better. Some recommendations
Is that so?

1. Massage the wand in a circle.
in the middle of the forehead
five times counterclockwise
Direction. Repeat five times in one

2. Draw the pattern in eight
on the forehead five times.
Calm the mind and feelings
stimulates and improves memory
Concentration. It is also useful
for the relief of sinus headaches.

3. Zigzag massage
five times on the forehead,
with light pressure.

4. Grit your teeth so you can
You can feel the jaw muscle. massage
with firm pressure in a circle
At this point, wave your wand.
Repeat five times.

5. Circle the five cheekbones
sometimes with firm pressure.

6. Go under your cheekbones.
Massage with the top and bottom
firm pressure, moves from the
Corner of the mouth up
Earlobe and back to the corner
out of the mouth

7. Go to the jaw. Market
from the ear along the jaw to
chin under chin
From the jaw to the earlobe.

Maintenance: Clean for daily care only
Use a magic wand after each use or soap and water.
only on the metal part. For a deeper
clean, make a paste with tea tree oil
and Fuller Earth Clay.


When you first receive your Kansa wand, we recommend that you wash it with chemical-free soap.
and rinse with cold water. Dry well with a towel and use. Tea tree oil is an antiseptic
and can be used as a natural detergent. Applying a few drops of tea tree oil to a
Dry the cloth and rub the rod to sterilize it.


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