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Dimensions : 6.5 * 6.5 * 10 cm

Weight : 0.09 kg

Capacity : 0.2

Neem Wood Tumbler

Control Diabetes and Sugar levels by drinking water from Neem Wooden Tumbler Day by day
Assists with further developing Digestion and assimilation
Cleaning: Utilize gentle cleanser and water to perfect and dry completely



Premium quality clear 4″ neem wooden Water tumbler which is superb , tough and hand-cut. Neem has against bacterial properties.
Neem wood tumbler is a sound choice for eco-accommodating and earth cognizant individuals. It has a moderate plan, smooth bends for safe taking care of and easy capacity.

Care Guidelines:

Utilize gentle cleanser and water to spotless and dry completely
Neem wood now and again will in general foster breaks/spills during use. This doesn’t decrease the tumbler’s restorative advantages; simply place the wooden tumbler inside any vessel/holder and continue to utilize it.


Neem Wood Glass Controls Sugar levels successfully.
Further develops Digestion, Liver capacity, Assimilation, and Blood Purging
Eco cordial and entirely solid
Wood is totally biodegradable and sustainable
Food handling: Neem Wood is more antibacterial than plastic, has no additional colors or finishes and is totally poisonous free
Simple to Clean and Keep up with – Wash with warm water and gentle cleanser and air dry. Intermittently rub with cooking oil to delay the life
SKU: KS-NW-TU-001 Classes: Drinkware, Stockpiling Labels: neem wood glass


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