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Wooden trataka candle stand

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Stainless steel Adjustable Trataka candle stand


  • ALISHA Trataka Candle Stand with EXCLUSIVE warranty


  • Pure Stainless Steel shaft – Wonderful height
  • Convenient for travelling – easy knock down assembly – Can hold candle
  • Very pleasing and decorative Stainless Steel finish – will adorn your yoga and meditation corner
  • Comes with Complete Instructions – the best tool for Trataka or 3rd eye meditation – builds focus

The stand is designed so that it can be easily adjusted to the desired self-retaining height, merely by pulling or pushing the shaft – there is no need to loosen any screws. The height itself is adjustable over a wide range – from 35 cms. when fully compressed to over 85 cms. when fully stretched out, making trataka possible in any seating position.

The stand can easily be knocked down into 3 parts – the base, the adjustable shaft and the candle holder – making it easy to carry with you while traveling. While assembling the 3 parts just have to be hand-screwed back on together.



Made up of 100% (SS) – Stainless Steel adjustable shaft. Easy push-pull adjustment mechanism. Height range – 35 cms. (or 13.5″) to 85 cms.( or 33.5″) Candle thickness of upto 1″ may be used. Portable, thus can be disassembled and convenient for traveling Easy knock-down assembly Decorative – pleasing design and material Balanced, without sharp edges, non-inflammable


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